Gateway to Building


By Logan Dann, 2017 Natural Building Intern

This week I created a portal into our student housing dorm. Some folks on the more conventional side of life might call it a “gate”, but I prefer to look at it as more of an energy portal, something that directs energy, both in, and out. There are a thousand ways to build a gate, and choosing which design I wanted, was definitely part of the challenge. Eventually I decided on a saloon style, double door, thanks to the advice of a fellow builder on campus.

I am suppose to use this blog as a how to guide, but this week’s post is going to be more of a why, than a how. Why am I a builder?

Building is an artform that predates humans, and I want to be a part of that process. I want to put love and intention into everything I build, creating structures and space that is inviting, safe, and comfortable. Natural building is the perfect medium to create these spaces. Using organic materials to create organic shapes is not only sustainable, but also energetically stimulating. It is using what the earth has giving us in the best way possible. Creating along with the natural curve and shape of the wood, instead of trying to force a straight line into it. Letting the material evolve your project instead of designing something and struggling to make it work.


Building is a process, it is a relationship, and I am here at Aprovecho to create a lifestyle in which building is at the center. I am here to learn as much as possible, not being afraid to make mistakes, and develop my own unique style.  I will be practicing my skills as a designer and builder, while furthering the development of the campus.

The front gate seems very fitting to be my first project, just as the gate in an entryway, this internship is also an entry into my career as a builder. I plan to create functional space, while growing as an artist, and always remembering to have fun while doing it. Bringing positive energy to each project and designing with intention.

Check out Pair ‘o Ducks Leafspring movie!

Find out more about learning natural building at Aprovecho! Visiting our Natural Building Department page.



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