Meet Our Team

IMG_1915|| Abel Kloster  ||
Permaculture Program Co-Director, Land Steward

A fourth generation Oregon native, Abel is well acquainted with the forests,  fields, and people of the Pacific Northwest where he has farmed, tended land, and indulged in the culture for many years.  Abel has been Aprovecho’s Land Steward since 2006.  He co-teaches and directs Aprovecho’ Permaculture programs including the Agroecology and Permaculture Internship, the Permaculture Design Course, and the Permaculture weekend workshop series.  He is also a member of Aprovecho’s steering committee.  In addition to his work with Aprovecho, Abel is on the board of Agriculture and Community Land Trust, is the Riparian Project Coordinator for the Coast Fork Willamette River Watershed Council, and co-owner of Resilience Permaculture Design, a whole systems design firm specializing in farm and forestry planning and ecological restoration.  Abel has a B.S. degree in Land Stewardship for Sustainable Communities from Humboldt State University and a certificate of Permaculture Design from Douglas and Sam Bullock of Orcas Island, Washington.

|| Christopher Ryan Foraker ||

Director, Natural Building Programs

Chris comes from a family of teachers, bricklayers and biologists.  In 2004 he graduated from Montana State University with honors achieving a B.S. in Ecology and Evolution.  During this time he began his studies of woodcraft, round-pole joinery, small dwellings, and urban ecology.  Chris first came to Aprovecho in 2005 and has served the organization in the sustainable forestry and building departments.  In addition to his administrative tasks, he coordinates the Natural Building Programs at Aprovecho, specifically the Natural Building Practicum and the Sustainable Shelter Workshop Series.  Chris is also a member of the Steering Committee.



Mike Hatfield|| Mike Hatfield ||
Appropriate Technology
Consultant / Instructor

Mike was born in Roseburg Oregon.  He received a BS from Willamette University in 1992.  In 1997 he attended the Sustainable Living Skills Internship at Aprovecho.  There he discovered the world of Appropriate Technology and found his life work.  Since then he has been building improved cook stoves and conducting trainings in many resource deprived parts of the world.  At home he is the international projects coordinator for the Aprovecho Research Center and teaches classes at Aprovecho on a wide range of appropriate technology subjects, including improved cook and heating stoves, composting toilets, solar and wood heated hot water systems, small scale hydroelectricity, bio diesel production and vegetable oil conversions….to name a few.

Updates to “Meet Our Team” are coming soon, as there have been several additions. Thank you!