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Aprovecho is building a commercial kitchen in order to expand its educational programs and stimulate sustainable local economic development! We are a sustainability education center in Cottage Grove, Oregon (near Eugene). Aprovecho’s mission is to create a culture of change toward a sustainable and holistic world. To do this, Aprovecho is heavily involved in:

  • Sustainability skills and career skills education from pre-school to seniors, both on- and off-site
  • Supporting the local food movement
  • Incubating and launching small, sustainable businesses
  • Caring for the forty-acre land trust and the educational campus
  • Providing a demonstration site for sustainable living and technology
  • Fostering and finding real solutions to create the world we know is possible

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In the wake of recent events and the current political climate, the environmental literacy and sustainability movements are vitally important to reconnect a fragmented society and environment. Organizations like Aprovecho serve to foster a connection between time, place, and food, while incubating the transition from the old ways to the new ways.

For over 35 years, we’ve been teaching and promoting natural lifestyles which connect nature and the local economy in a sustainable, holistic system that balances human and environmental needs rather than serving corporate greed. Aprovecho works to create a more sustainable culture and future, and we provide a model of grassroots impact. We have exciting new programs planned for 2017 and the coming years, but in order to successfully grow, we need critical infrastructure: a commercial kitchen.

Funding on Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. If we don’t reach our funding goal by March 15, we receive no funds. Zero. If you want to participate, please do so now by donating, sharing, and spreading the word. All rewards are validated only when we reach our goal.

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Aprovecho Sustainability Education Center needs a new commercial kitchen! Our current kitchen is too small to handle our current educational programs, and we’ve reached our limit in growth and community outreach. With a new commercial kitchen, Aprovecho can continue to grow and reach more people in the local and greater community, and we can further support the local food movement while providing resources for individuals starting their own small food businesses.

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