The Campus

Aprovecho is located on 40 acres in the foothills of the Coast Range in Oregon. Most of the campus is forested with a mixture of Douglas and Grand Fir, Incense Cedar, and Madrone and managed as part of our sustainable forestry program. Calico Creek, a headwaters tributary of the Willamette River, runs through the property, and is surrounded by a lush riparian corridor full of alder, cottonwood, and bigleaf maple.  This area is minimally managed for trails and wildcrafting.  Aprovecho’s landscape also includes remnant stands of oak prairie, which made up large portions of the Pacific Northwest lowlands prior to European colonization.

The heart of our campus is our 5 acre development zone. Aprovecho’s gardens, orchards, water catchment systems, homes, classroom, and strawbale dormitory are located in this zone.  This area is intensively managed to provide food for Aprovecho’s workshops and as an inspiring educational living space

Aprovecho’s campus offers students and visitors the opportunity to experience models of building, land management, and design informed by the resources and materials available in the Pacific Northwest.  Aprovecho’s campus also provides the opportunity to see and experience a functional intentional community and non-profit education center at work.