Thank you for your inquiry into our studies.

Aprovecho has spent the last 30 plus years studying sustainable living skills and we are excited to share what we have learned.  From our traditional work with wood cook stoves and agriculture, to exciting new investigations such as aquaculture and water catchment, our fields of expertise are becoming more numerous each year.  As the awareness of the benefits to meeting our needs sustainably grows so do the number of requests we get for detailed help.  Aprovecho is committed to “right livelihood” and to providing a living wage to those involved in our important work.   In an effort to make this possible and to provide a valuable consulting service that can reach anyone with access to a phone or internet connection in the world we have developed the following system.

If you have a simple question that requires only a few word answer then we are more than willing to answer your query for free.  An example of this is “I read you installed a 10,000 gallon ferro-cement water catchment tank.  Can you give me a rough idea of how much it cost and how many hours of labor it took?”

If on the other hand you wish to have a more detailed response, possible over a few emails or a phone call then we will consider it a “mini” consultancy.  As a base price we are asking $50 as a minimum donation for up to two hours.  This will also include a one year membership to Aprovecho and its newsletter.  This can be paid by check.  If time of the consultancy goes beyond this then we will ask $30 per hour and the consultant working with you will provide assistance in paying this.

We hope this system will allow us to continue to assist more people and grow our worldwide community people continuing with this important work.