Housing and Food

Campus Housing 

Aprovecho program participants have the option to live on campus during their program. Those staying on campus may choose between a shared room in our strawbale dormitory or outdoor camping on a first come first served basis.

  • Shared dorm room            

  • Camping       

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Alternative on-site residential options may be available for students and interns, including private three-season shelters, tiny homes (200 sqft.) and cabins (800 sqft.).

  • Three-season Shelters:*        

P1130923 P1130925 P1130927 P1130929

  • Tiny house (no kitchen)        

Version 2

  • Tiny house (kitchen)               

Playhouse 2

  • Cabins:                                    

P1130937 P1130938 P1130939

All residents utilizing the common spaces are expected to participate in Monday morning community activities: 9am household meeting, 10am Power Hour (group housecleaning). Living at Aprovecho is an experience in cultivating community. While there are plenty of nooks and crannies for alone time, shared living spaces yield plentiful opportunity to practice harmonious habits and interpersonal skills.


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Campus Food

  • Meal Plan:*                            $300/month ($75/week)

*required for students/interns who are camping or staying in dormitory or three-season shelters

  • Just Lunch:**                     $130/month ($30/week)

**available during programs for students/interns living off-site

The meal plan provides hired lunches during weekdays while educational programs are running. Residents participate in group cookshift rotations for breakfast and dinner during most programs, which is typically two meals per week per person. All basic ingredients for meals are provided by Aprovecho. Weekends and off-time, residents have access to Aprovecho’s consistently stocked pantry and fridges to prepare their own meals.

We source high-quality organic ingredients featuring produce, dairy, and meat from Aprovecho’s gardens and nearby farms. Bulk ingredients are responsibly and locally sourced when available.

Day Rates

Want to come for a visit? Welcome! Just give us a heads up so we know when to expect you.

  • Meals*: $6/meal, or $15/3 meals (only available during programs)
  • Shared dorm room (if available): $20/night
  • Campus tour

* If food is not being served during your visit, you are welcome to use your own food in our kitchen at no charge.