Sustainable Livelihood Program Director Job Post

Sustainable Livelihood Director – Position Description

Aprovecho, as an education center, wishes to provide small-business startup training to students in our existing vocational/homesteading programs as well as to interested residents of Cottage Grove and the surrounding areas. By providing micro-entrepreneurial training to complement our existing technical trainings we are better equipping our students to enter professional pathways towards a sustainable livelihood. The general responsibilities of the Sustainable Livelihood Director (SLD) are to administer Individual Development Accounts (IDA) and to teach the Sustainable Livelihood curriculum. The duration of this employment contract is one year starting from October/November, 2016, with opportunities for renewal.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1) Administer IDA Accounts by:

Promoting and Further Developing IDA Program:

  • Working with Aprovecho staff and volunteers to market IDA program (e.g., highlighting success stories, demonstrating connections to existing Aprovecho programs)
  • Working with CASA to increase the number of IDA participants assigned to Aprovecho

Screening for eligibility:

  • Responding to IDA process and application inquiries
  • This includes providing the applicant with application and supplemental worksheets to complete at home with all household members.
  • Scheduling a follow-up appointment to review eligibility, where the application/worksheets are reviewed with income verification to determine eligibility.
  • Completing the savings/plan agreement.   

Enrolling the applicant:

  • Submitting the application.
  • Providing the applicant with participant handbook.
  • Scanning and saving all required documents.

Educational Outcomes:

  • ​Providing applicant with options for completing required asset and ​financial management education, including creation of a business plan.

Additional Administrative Concerns:

  • Monitoring Saver Deposits.
  • Following up with missed deposits.
  • Processing saving plan agreement amendments.
  • Requesting emergency withdrawals.
  • Processing withdrawal requests.
  • Closing saver accounts.
  • Saver Evaluations.
  • Create and maintain secure paper files for each participant.
  • Communication with VIDA, including following up on missing paperwork, creating reports, and completing contract obligations as needed.
  • May include travel to VIDA required trainings.

2) Teach Sustainable Livelihood curriculum

The Sustainable Livelihood curriculum is offered at least two times a year: once in the spring and once in fall.  The curriculum is designed to teach students the basics of starting their own small business and is between 4 and 6 sessions long.  An objective of the curriculum is creating a reasonable business plan.


Aprovecho agrees to pay up to 10 hours per month at $18/hour in order to administer IDA accounts.  The SLD will keep track of hours.  After 6 months, adjustments can be made by Aprovecho and SLD in order to adjust hours to accommodate more or less time.  The Sustainable Livelihood Director will be paid to teach Livelihood classes based on number of students enrolled:

  • Up to 7 students: $18/hr.
  • 8-11 students: $20/hr.
  • 12-15 students: $22/hr.
  • 16-19 students: $24/hr.
  • 20-25 students: $28/hr.

An extra hour of paid preparatory time is expected for every six hours of teaching.

Evaluation and Reporting:

The SLD will provide monthly reports to the Executive Director by email or in person by the 15th of each month.  These status reports will detail:

  • Status of IDA relationship with CASA
  • Number and status of all open IDA accounts
  • Needs relevant to fullfilling job description
  • Any pertinent information related to the Sustainable Livelihood department

The SLD will be evaluated based on the performance of the job description listed above as well as he or she’s accordance with the policies and procedures handbook.  Evaluations will occur after one month, three months and then again at six months.

To apply, please send your Resume and Cover Letter to Steve Braun, Stewardship Director, at with the subject line “Application for Sustainable Livelihood Director Position”.

Application Deadline: October 25th