Facilities rentals

We have classrooms, garden space for workshops and retreats, a shop, and wooded areas that may be used on a per hour or per day basis for individuals, groups, and organizations to host workshops, retreats, classes, children’s outdoor enrichment programs, and more. See below for details. Application information at the bottom.

Alignment to Aprovecho’s Mission:

Activities must be in accordance with Aprovecho’s mission. Aprovecho is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is: “Living, Learning, Organizing & Educating to Inspire a Sustainable Culture.” Activities must also be permissible as stated by Aprovecho’s Code of Conduct.


There are currently two classrooms available for rent. They are:

  • The upstairs classroom (capacity 20) is $15.00 per hour with a $30.00 minimum charge and a day rate of $125. There is a refundable cleaning fee of $50.
  • The downstairs classroom (capacity 30) is $25.00 per hour with a $50.00 minimum charge and a day rate of $175. There is a refundable cleaning fee of $60.

Scheduling, Hours and Fees:

Advance scheduling for rooms is necessary. Rooms will/can be reserved for blocks of time and are considered secure once payment for the room(s) is paid for. A cancellation fee of 50% the total rental cost will be assessed. Aprovecho has limited space. Rooms can be rented from 7:00 AM to 10:00PM.


Parking at Aprovecho is limited. Rentals are permitted two cars in the upper parking lot. Additional parking and drop-off/pick-up is available in either of the two lower lots.


Aprovecho has compost toilets outdoors which are available and an indoor sink.

Kitchen Use:

Kitchen use is not available at this time.

Additional Room Expectations/Agreements:

Rooms will be left clean. Some storage space may be available with long-term rentals. Liability waivers will be signed for all visitors/guardians of visitors on campus and given to Aprovecho office personnel. Aprovecho will co-market rental activities on social media per renter request on a semi regular basis (monthly/bi-monthly).


Rooms are wood-fire heated. A fire can be started in the stove in advance of a rental for a $10 first hour + $5 for each additional hour fee (e.g. 2 hour rental = $15, 4 hour rental $25). Renters may also store their own cache of wood on site.


chalkboard (chalk usually available)

~30 chairs (between two rooms)

3, 5′ diameter round tables (upstairs classroom)

3, 6′ long tables (upstairs room)



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