Appropriate Technology Registration

All courses take place on Aprovecho’s beautiful 40 acre campus in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range.   All students have access to showers, kitchen, library, hiking trails, and relaxation space.  The four week course is sliding scale $2,600-$3,000 with an early bird special of $2,500 for signing up by March 15th, 2017.  This does not include room and board which is optional and can be found on our room and board page.

There is a limited number of positions for this course.

Registration Instructions

Register by filling out the form below.  You can submit your deposit through the online system or avoid a 3% visa tax and send your  deposit through the post to:

Aprovecho – Appropriate Technology
80574 Hazelton Rd.
Cottage Grove, OR 97424

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During your program, you will be living in a group setting with shared facilities. Are you open to helping with household responsibilities (for example, cooking a meal/doing dishes once per week and daily chores)?
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Do you have any food allergies or special dietary needs?. All meals will made with organic or local ingredients, and prepared with love.

Would you prefer a shared room in the strawbale dormitory or a camping space? (Dorm rooms are limited to the first 10 participants and are secured with your deposit)

How did you learn about Aprovecho?

We would like to share your contact information with other registered course participants. This can be useful for arranging rides to your program. Are you OK with your Name and Email address being shared on this list (which you will also have access to once we receive your deposit)
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I understand that this program is based on a sliding scale fee. The balance is due the first day of class, unless I’ve made other arrangements with the Facilitator. We encourage you to pay according to your means. Aprovecho offers a quality programs for a minimal cost and relies on some individuals paying the high-end of the scale.

I will pay a total tuition of : $

After sending in your registration, click “Buy Now” below to pay your $500 deposit online to secure your spot.

Email Mike Hatfield with any questions.  Aprovecho’s refund policy can be found here.