Community Education

We offer community education workshops to enrich and empower area residents who may not be able to participate in our residential programming. The workshops are designed to offer the skills & knowledge people need for their journey toward sustainable living. Offered on Sundays, either as a half-day or a full-day of lecture and hands-on training, we invite experts to come to our campus and teach in their area of expertise, from small animal husbandry to wildcrafting, beekeeping to medicinal herb gardening.

Community education is offered on a donation-basis and a sliding scale basis, depending on an individual’s ability to pay. Please see your event description to see which tuition rate is listed for your event. Some workshops, classes, or discussions are donation-based, while half-day workshops (4 hours) on hard-skills are $25 to $50 in advance when you register, and $30 to $55 day of the event, and full-day hard-skills workshops are $45 to $90.

We really appreciate people offering as much as they are able, so that we can continue to offer these learning opportunities to the public. However, if an individual doesn’t have the funding and the course is already filled to meet expenses, we can offer scholarships on a case-by-case basis. Please request a scholarship by submit
ting a description of your circumstances on our Community Education Registration page.

During the summer months, our workshop programming slows down due to low participation. We will be hosting a few workshops during the warm sunny months, but our regular programming runs from October to April.

  • Supervised children under 12 are free!
  • Herbal tea and water provided. Please bring a snack!
  • Please register in advance to get the early bird rate.
  • Please wear warm clothing and bring workshop-appropriate gear such as gloves, etc.

Please view our Events page for our current listing of Community Education workshops.

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