Farm Incubator

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The goal of this program is to provide low-cost land access to market farmers while growing the farm- and garden-related educational offerings at Aprovecho. We are seeking to fill this position as soon as possible with an individual enthusiastic about the development of both off site and on-site produce sales and hands on agroecology education.

Aprovecho wishes to support the growth of small farm businesses by providing not only land access but business training and support through our Sustainable Business Development program. As part of the farm incubator program, participants are eligible for a 3:1 matching grant of up to $12,000 which they can use towards the start-up costs of their business. This grant begins dispensing 6-25 months after approved application, dependent upon the amount of funds applied for.




    • Approximately 1 acre of beautiful 25 year-old garden beds on a sunny south facing hillside.


    • Chicken coop and yard


    • Two top bar beehives


    • Moveable electric fence for animal management


    • Approximately 6 yards of finished compost


    • 2 20’ x 48’ un-heated greenhouses


    • 30 gpm of pressurized well water for irrigation


    • Access to a 300 gallon natural spring for low pressure irrigation


    • A garden shed with potting bench, tool storage, and shade


    • Professional gas powered line-trimmer / weed-wacker


    • Various garden hoses and irrigation infrastructure


    • Access to Aprovecho’s seed collection and annual seed donations


    • Use of Aprovecho’s non-profit status for the purpose of soliciting tax-exempt donations of seeds & materials


    • Access to meetings with former Aprovecho Garden Managers who can help you in your planning to understand which crops and techniques have historically done well and which haven’t


    • Opportunities for stewardship of other livestock, such as sheep, goats, turkeys, etc. by proposal


    • Opportunities to teach courses in Aprovecho’s educational programs for additional compensation


    • Opportunities to pick up cooking and / or cleaning shifts for additional compensation


    • Long-term opportunities to co-develop agro-ecology program with department directors


    • Opportunity to participate in Community Education workshops offered on-site throughout the year


    • 2 camping platforms to house garden volunteers


    • Free access to meals and pantry for garden volunteers



    • Access to 3:1 matching grant up to $12,000 for use in starting your farm business


  • Opportunity to rent an 800 square foot cabin for $600/month or a 200 square foot cabin for $300/month.

Image may contain: plant, tree, flower, sky, grass, outdoor and natureImage may contain: plant, tree, flower, sky, grass, outdoor and nature10988323_10203890146989932_2536215285710233390_o


    • To use no synthetic fertilizers or biocides and introduce only organic products to the soil


    • Maintain long-term fertility of Aprovecho’s soils by using crop rotations, cover cropping, amendments of animal manures and compost


    • Communicate with Aprovecho’s Resident Steward what produce and/or animal products will be available for purchase


    • Provide produce and/or animal products in an organized, clean and clear manner


    • Be attentive and mindful of maintaining positive and respectful interactions with all of Aprovecho’s residential students and staff


    • Be open and accepting of visitors, volunteers, and students touring through the garden


  • Provide own tools, irrigation equipment, seed, and other equipment


In exchange for the use of the garden, related infrastructure and aforementioned expenses, the farmer/s will be asked to provide continuous kale and to provide 20% of net profits on a quarterly basis to Aprovecho.


Aprovecho itself is a good market for high quality organic produce.  There will be opportunities to sell crops directly to the Aprovecho kitchen and on-site residential community nearly year-round. In addition, off site sales through a CSA, direct restaurant sales, or to the local grower’s market is a desired outcome.

There is also the opportunity to raise a flock of egg or meat birds and potentially other small livestock by proposal.


Aprovecho will be taking applications for this opportunity until February 15th.  A selection will be made by the following week.  This program begins March 1st.

If you are interested please send a resume, cover letter, and three references to