Holistic Management

Greening Up the Ranch –  A Holistic Approach to Grazing

May 3rd and 4th, 2014

Aprovecho is excited to host Dr. Sandra M. Matheson, director of Summer Grass 2the Pacific Northwest Center for Holistic Management, for this two day workshop.

In recent years, there has been strong opposition to livestock and many accusations that grazing significantly degrades land. Historically, farming/ranching has not been a very profitable business. In addition, the lifestyle is often difficult and relationships among ranchers, government agencies, and others have been tense. Holistic Planned Grazing is about managing to rejuvenate pastures, building relationships, improving quality of life, and making the farm business more financially sustainable.  To learn more about the power of Holistic Management to restore landscapes while increasing food yields watch this presentation by the founder of Holistic Management, Alan Savory.

This two day interactive workshop explores the basic foundation of  the Holistic Management decision-making process and the principles of Holistic Planned Grazing. Students will learn how by mimicking nature, properly managed livestock can actually improve the health of soil, plants, animals and grasslands. You’ll discover the “how and why” of getting the livestock to the right place at the right time, for the right reasons. You’ll be introduced to the key insights about animals, plants, time, the environment and the relationships among those. You’ll begin the process of creating a holistic context for your farm and learn how to use it in your everyday management.  In addition, you will begin to develop a grazing plan for your particular operation and understand how to implement it.

To learn more about Holistic Grazing Visit:

The Savory Institute & The Pacific Northwest Center for Holistic Management

Sandra MathesonDr. Sandra M. Matheson is a rancher, Holistic Management educator/consultant, documentary filmmaker, and retired veterinarian from Bellingham, WA. She is the President of the Pacific Northwest Center for Holistic Management – a not for profit organization that is part of a global network dedicated to large scale restoration of the world’s grasslands.

Cost: $275 (overnight rate – includes camping and breakfast/lunch/dinner)

OR $225 (non-overnight – includes lunch)

In order to encourage farming partners to participate together in this workshop, we will be reducing the cost by $50 for second participants from the same farm or homestead. People interested in taking advantage of the farm partner option should indicate their interest through the form below and pay by check.

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