Natural Building and Green Design

A Handmade Yurt

June 9th – June 13th, 2014

Traditional yurts are big baskets covered in woolen felt, and designed for portability. This one, however, is designed for greater permanence, and covered with a durable, insulating, earthen “fabric” made of mud, vegetable fiber, and lime. Add a simple, layered, fabric roof for a quick, efficient, inexpensive, and eminently practical shelter.

Sustainable Shelter Workshop Series

natural building and green design from the ground up!

August 3rd – September 20th, 2014

student financing available!

Watch this short video to get a feel for the program and hear from the teachers and past students.

The Sustainable Shelter Workshop Series is a 7 week course designed to empower participants with the ability to design/build/renovate their own home using simple techniques and natural, vernacular materials.  During this course we will start from the ground and move up teaching not only the art/science of natural building and green design, but the corresponding appropriate technologies essential for successfully integrating your shelter into a permaculture landscape.  Read more…

Natural Building Internship

Summer/Fall Session

August 3rd – November 22nd, 2014

This internship is designed to get individuals started with the skills and experience necessary to offer natural building services as a future designer/builder/educator.  Spanning the summer and fall seasons of building-focused programming, interns will work directly with Aprovecho’s building team constructing and maintaining Aprovecho’s campus.  In addition, interns will have the opportunity to assist and participate in the following courses: “Sustainable Shelter Workshop Series,” “Natural Building Practicum” the weekend Natural Building courses and the Sustainable Livelihood course.  Read more…

Natural Building Practicum

September 28th – November 22nd, 2014

The Natural Building Practicum (NBP) is an eight week program focused on the practice and implementation of natural building techniques.  Designed for natural builders with pre-existing experience, each week is split between in-class instruction, hands-on application and independent study.  Read more…