Natural Building Practicum Curriculum

The Natural Building Practicum takes place Monday-Thursday.  Time is divided into Campus Work, Classroom Time, and Independent Study.

Campus Work

2 1/2 days a week are spent servicing Aprovecho’s campus.  Work revolves around but is not limited to the projects listed for each program.  Examples from the past are building a cob garden wall, harvesting clay, and plastering a wall.  See the project descriptions below.

Classroom Time

1/2 day per week: Though most of Campus Work will be a learning experience for the beginner in Natural Building, classroom time is specifically designated to cover natural building topics not introduced during Campus Work.  The curriculum from the Sustainable Shelter Series will be covered, though not in as much detail.

Independent Study

1 day a week +: The independent study is an opportunity for the participant to use Aprovecho’s resources to build a specific skill or experience.  Examples from the past are timber-framed saw horses, non-petroleum alternatives to moisture barriers, and a water purifying sand filter.  Participants can also spend their three day weekends working on the independent study projects.  See the latest projects on the Aprovecho Natural Builders Blog.

Spring Session Projects

  • Base and finish Earthen Plasters
  • Lime Plasters and Washes
  • Cob Wall Construction
  • Natural Insulation: Light Straw Clay and Slip n’ Chip
  • Green Roofs
  • Earthen Floors
  • Basic Pole Framing
  • and more TBD