A Handmade Yurt

June 9th – June 13th, 2014

Make a sustainable, yurt-style shelter, by hand, with materials you can find and harvest yourself.  This June Kiko Denzer will lead a week-long intensive natural building project to perfect a design for a simple, affordable, efficient and beautiful yurt made of sticks, string, and mud

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Traditional yurts are big baskets covered in woolen felt, and designed for portability. This one, however, is designed for greater permanence, and covered with a durable, insulating, earthen “fabric” made of mud, vegetable fiber, and lime. Add a simple, layered, fabric roof for a quick, efficient, inexpensive, and eminently practical shelter.

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Topics Covered:

  • sticks: gathering, growing, scrounging, and adapting what’s available
  • properties and uses of earthen composites (mass, insulation, structure, ornament)
  • design principles (tension, compression, strength, efficiency, adaptability)
  • roofing, floors, and foundations
  • design variations (making it work where you are)
  • care and use of hand tools

Please Bring:

  • a good knife (a stout sheath knife rather than a pocket or folding knife)
  • a good thick pair or two of rubber gloves (the plaster contains caustic lime)
  • boots for stomping (rubber/vinyl is good)


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