Optical Surveying Tools


1/4 inch graph paper pad
Clip board with rain protection (plastic bag will work)
Work gloves
Whistle for signaling when out of sight
Strongly recommended:
Pocket Transit/Sighting compass  (see details below)
Hand Sight Level (see details below)
If you have it, please bring:
Small binoculars, small pruners (Felco or equivalent), Jacob’s staff or tripod, engineer’s scale or wooden ruler, 100 foot (30 meter)+ measuring tape, walking wheel, transit, surveying vest with pockets galore, pocket rod (see details below)
We will have tools for students to use, but if you have your own tools you will have more time to practice with them.  Below is a list of the recommended tools with links to the best prices we could find at the moment.  Please note that prices and availability chnages frequently, so you may need to shop around.  Order tools in plenty of time to receive them before the course.
Pocket Transit 
You need a pocket transit for this course. A pocket transit combines a compass and clinometer.  We have been trying out different ones and recommend either the Brunton Eclipse F-8099 or the Silva Ranger 515.  As of September 10, 2015, the Brunton Eclipse F-8099 (do not get the Pro model) is available at Northern Tools for $63.  The Silva Ranger 515 (360 degrees not the Quad) is available from Amazon for $50 as of 9/10/15 with shipping.
Hand Level
We originally used the Stanley 77-187 PL1 Pocket Site Hand Held Optical Level with Stadia because they are quite inexpensive, however, we found these unreliable at a previous course and are now recommending the Johnson Hand Sight Level which has thinner lines and a split screen ($19 at Amazon). If you expect to be doing surveying on jobs, we recommend you get a magnifying level of 5x or better.  Checking Amazon on 9/10/15, the best deal seems to be theCST/berger 8: 5x Hand Level with Stadia 17-630 at FLT Geosystems for around $75 plus shipping.
Pocket Rod
We recommend the Keson PR-610 6-1/2 ft. Builder’s Engineers Pocket Rod (make sure you get the PR610 which is 10ths instead of the PR612 which is in inches). This is about the size of a builder’s tape measure so you can carry it easily.  $19  at the Amazon link at the time of writing.  We don’t need everyone to have one, but it’s recommended if you expect to be doing some surveying in the near future.