2-Week PDC


Permaculture Design Course with Jude Hobbs, Abel Kloster, and guests

May 7 – 19, 2018

Certified by the Permaculture Institute of North American (PINA)

Tuition (includes instruction, materials, housing (shared dorm room or camping), 3 meals a day throughout the program): $1,500. The early bird discount is $75 with registration by April 1st for a total tuition of $1,425.

Join us this spring for our 2 week comprehensive permaculture design course.  This course will help you gain a clear understanding of the theory and practice of ecological design through lecture, discussion, slideshows, design projects, and hands-on experience.  May is the perfect time to deepen your understanding of natural systems and how they can inform design.

Topics in our course include:

  • Permaculture Ethics & Principles
  • Mapping & Design Exercises
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Observation & Site Analysis
  • Ecology & Natural Cycles
  • Garden Design & Establishment
  • Useful Plants & Planting Strategies
  • Water Harvesting, Management, & Conservation
  • Soils & Soil Building Strategies
  • Animals in the System
  • Forests, Agroforestry, & Tree Crops
  • Ecological Building
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Urban Permaculture
  • Village Design
  • Cooperative Economics & more!

Stay on an extra week or two for this year’s Permaculture Installation Projects. Registration for the Installation is discounted $150 if you register for both at the same time!

To read Jude Hobbs’ bio, click here.

To read Abel Kloster’s bio, click here.

If you have questions on course content contact:

Jude Hobbs cascadiapc@gmail.com

If you have any questions about registration or life at Aprovecho, please contact:

Abby:  abby@aprovecho.net

I will never look at my world in the same way again. This hugely powerful, yet common-sense knowledge, is the key in unlocking the door leading to a future of health for our planet, power through self-reliance, understanding of interlocking ecological systems and ultimately a sustainable future for all of earth’s inhabitants.   –Mark 


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