Permaculture Design Installation

September 17 – 28, 2018 (NEW DATES)

**NO COST** for PDC graduates, or $250 stand-alone

This 2 week service learning program will pick up where our 6-week PDC left off, by implementing designs created by students during the prior six weeks. Participants will dive into a deeper application of freshly learned design principles, developing skills that they can use in their home and professional lives while experiencing the real-world nuances of various systems. Specific projects will be determined during the PDC, and may include garden and landscape installation and upkeep, forest garden planting, greywater installation, light straw clay insulation, earthen plaster systems,agroforestry installations, hedgerows, silvopasture, oak woodland restoration, and water harvesting.

Taken as a **NO-COST** extension to the 6-week PDC (or past year PDC graduates), or as a stand-alone experience for $250. All skill levels are welcome!

**Includes lodging and utilities; does not include food.

This is a service learning opportunity, meaning the focus will be learning by doing rather than classroom instruction. PDC graduates may opt to stay for a shorter period of time within the two weeks.