Fall Permaculture Course Schedule

Fall Permaculture Practicum Schedule

Week 1: Constructing Water Harvesting Earthworks

Reading the landscape:  Water harvesting, assessing land use history, indicator plants, soils, and animals, map reading

Surveying for Water:  Swales, Ponds, Roads, Tanks, Springs

Drafting and Mapping:  Translating surveys to paper

Site Preparation and Flagging

Swale and Drain Construction

Pond Construction

Bioswales and runoff basins

 Week 2:  Constructing Water Harvesting Earthworks Continued

Week 3:  Greywater

Mulch Basins

Constructed Wetlands

Branched Drain Systems

Week 4:  Aquaculture

Greenhouse Aquaponics

Outdoor Pond and Swale Culture

Wetland Systems


Week 5:  Forest Gardening and Agroforestry

Windbreaks, hedgerows, and shelterbelts

Animal integration

Coppice Systems

Forest Garden Design and and Establishment

Management of Intermediate and Established Forest Gardens

Week 6: Woodlot Management

 Surveying for Forests:  Assessing viable harvest volumes, plant I.D., reading the landscape

Laying out stewardship plans.

Conifer Forest and Oak Woodland Restoration and Management

Tree Falling and Yarding

Creek Restoration