Forest Gardening Workshop

(Two Times This Year) : Sunday, April 21st & November 17th

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Imagine small urban yards supporting over 100 species of edible, medicinal, and beneficial plants. Imagine the sense of diversity and abundance, the cool air and the birdsong as you traveled the corridors of berry bushes, nasturtium, and rhubarb topped by apples and plums under an open canopy of chestnut, walnut, and black locust. Imagine the Willamette Valley speckled with a mosaic of food forests. The world!  Wow!

Join us as we expand our food forest in the Aprovecho gardens. All proceeds from the attendance for this workshop will go toward financing the purchase of plants.

Food forestry has happened for millenia in the tropical areas of the world and has occured in indigenous land management practices throughout North America. Forest gardening is bringing perennial, self sufficient, high yielding, and landscape improving agriculture to the temperate climates.

After a morning introduction to the subject, we will spend the afternoon planting a forest garden along the perimeter of Aprovecho’s vegetable garden. You will leave this workshop with a firm understanding of the forest gardening discipline and some dirt under your fingernails.

Course Topics Include:

  • Forest garden design principles
  • Forest garden species for the Pacific Northwest
  • Converting existing orchards and gardens into food forests
  • Animals in the system
  • Water harvesting and dispersal strategies
  • Compost tea
  • Sheet mulching
  • Planting trees, shrubs, tubers, and sowing seeds.