“ I think that…no wait…I know that my experience here has been one that I won’t forget for many reasons. Namely the people…the place…the trees…the garden…solar showers on rainy nights…home brew on balmy evenings…cool breezes…wet boots…rosy cheeks from walks in November…wood stoves on gray mornings…bird songs at dawn…really truly it has all been so wonderful. Thank you.”

“I feel I learned more about these subjects in the past ten weeks than I had in a couple years of trying to independently research them. I also REALLY appreciate the staff’s willingness to teach and answer questions outside of class and I feel I began learning as soon as I woke up till when I went to bed!”

“There’s a wonderful appreciation for learning here that makes me value time spent both in and out of class.”

“The total immersion in sustainability concepts is overwhelming and eye opening, in a good way.”

“Graduating from college was not the liberating and exciting experience I was always told it would be. In fact, I was faced with a limited number of non-ideal paths.  After weighing my options I decided that there MUST be another path my life could take.

After a considerable ammount of reflection and research, I became acquainted with Aprovecho.  I was not so certain what I  was getting myself into as I signed up for this year’s fall PDC program, but I new it felt better than following  the beaten path of post-grad life.

After my first evening at aprovecho, I knew that I had made the best decision of my life.  I found myself immersed in a community full of people who valued practical approaches to improving our personal and external environments.

Those six weeks were characterized by empowering  experiences which showed me the potential we all have to affect change in this world.  I went from feeling lost and hopeless to a state of self confidence and direction.  Not only did I gain an  incredible amount of new skills and knowledge, but I made friendships with people who inspire  and push me to be the best person I can.  I cannot say enough about my time at Aprovecho, it truly opened the door to a whole world I never dreamed existed.”

“I liked the fact that a lot was going on at all times – staff and interns learning from each other while doing projects, the variety of opinions and value systems, learning to cook for 20 (!). It has been wonderful to see how creatively people can live in our world and I will leave inspired!”

“I am changed because of my time here.”

“I feel I got a wonderful overview and foundation for a number of different areas. And I leave feeling empowered.”

“Going through this program has been so beneficial, empowering, enlightening, rejuvenating. Happiness and self-fulfillment lie within our hands. Thank you to ALL the wonderful staff and volunteers for making this possible.”