Tuition Financing


Thank you for your interest in participating in a residential program at Aprovecho! We want to help you make it a successful experience, so we offer no-interest financing support through the following program. Please read the instructions carefully, and then fill out the form below. Once your application is complete and submitted, we can begin working together to develop a plan that works for you.

We aim to make an education at Aprovecho available to all, so let’s work together to make it happen!

#1 Savings:

How much have you saved towards attending a program here?

#2 Community Support:

Aprovecho has created a support system to assist you in creating a simple campaign for tuition support.  You set up a Gofundme, Kickstarter, or YouCaring campaign, and we assist you in the process. This campaign is your opportunity to go to your closest friends and family and tell them why and how attendance in an Aprovecho program is an important step for your future.  Specifically Aprovecho offers a webpage on our website, planning and campaign support and student specific donation link that tracks your fundraising efforts.

Below are the specific steps:

Step 1: Preparation

  1. Email a digital photo of good quality preferably from the chest up.
  2. Write two to three paragraphs describing to your friends and family why you are attending this program and where you hope it will take you.  Include relevant biographical information.
  3. OPTIONAL: Film yourself describing #2 rather then writing it down.  If you choose to film yourself please shorten your written paragraph to a one summary paragraph to encourages the reader to watch your video.

Step 2: The Share

  1. Put together a list of 100 friends and family that you would like to ask for support
  2. With a brief introduction, send out an email to these 100 people providing a link to your customized webpage.  
  3. One week later, follow up with a phone call to those friends and family who have not yet responded.
  4. Share a link to your webpage through any social media networks you are a part of
  5. Aprovecho will post through our networks as well.

So, this is the basic format.  You could also customize your page with any creative ideas that you have.  For instance you could offer your friends a free consultation after completion of the program, or promise to document each step so that they can learn alongside you.

#3 Payment Plan:

Aprovecho is able to offer an interest free payment plan for six months from the start of the program.  One half of the tuition is due upon arrival.

What is your best guess at a monthly tuition payment amount?

How many months do you anticipate needing to pay for your tuition?

#4 Grants and Scholarships

Some grants are available for Oregon residents.  In some circumstances, Aprovecho is able to offer students from disadvantaged backgrounds a full or partial scholarship.

If you have been offered a scholarship or grant for this program, how much will you use for tuition?

Please fill out the form below and submit it us to begin working with you to finance your education at Aprovecho:

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Program you are applying for:

Total tuition/cost:

#1 How much have you saved toward attending this program?

#2 Community support amount total or goal (such as from Godfundme campaign):

#3 Payment plan: Enter the number of months you would like to be on the plan and how much per month you estimate you will be able to pay:

#4 Grants or scholarships (outside or through Aprovecho)

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