Weekend Design Course Schedule

Week 1 – March 18th

Permaculture Ethics and Principles

Design Methodologies

Week 2 – March 25th

Patterns and Design for Catastrophe

Design Process

Week 3 – April 1st

Climate and Microclimate Considerations in Design

Week 4 – April 8th

Soils and The Soil Food Web

Week 5 – April 15th

Rainwater Harvesting: Water Tanks, Cisterns, & Springs

Week 6 – April 22nd

Earthworks: Ponds, Swales, Drains and other Earth Technologies

Week 7 – April 29th


Week 8 – May 6th

Forests and Agroforestry

Week 9 – May 13th

Urban Systems

Week 10 – May 20th

Appropriate Technology and Shelter

Week 11 – May 27th

Political and Economic Strategies for a Permanent Culture

Final Sunday – June 3rd

Design Project Presentations