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Salamander School and Field Mouse Academy by EEE!

Elemental Exploration Education (EEE) offers youth an opportunity to socialize, empower, and mobilize to create the change that they want to see in the world. Classes help orient the participants in place and space, allowing for exploration and interpersonal communication, collaboration and a deep recognition of connection; the elements necessary for sustainable growth and world health.

Creative examination through the lens of geography, science, sustainability, equality and community make this program unique.  EEE programs offer an opportunity for young people to connect, explore, innovate and participate in practical, transformational, positive social change.

 Classes are offered seasonally, in 5-6 week courses.

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Field Mouse Academy is designed to offer homeschooled children ages 4-9yrs old an opportunity to socialize while engaging in social- environmental learning. Spring term will be held primarily in an outdoor classroom. Each week we will visit a different location on the globe through story, music, art, craft and exploration.

Spring Term Begins May 3, 2017, and Ends on June 9th, 2017
4-9yr old program is held on Wednesday and Friday from 11-2pm.
Children can sign up for one or both days a week.
$20.00 a day, Spring program runs for 6 weeks
With a Whole school Party June 9, 2017

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Salamander School is a sustainability skill-building and artful social-environmental awareness program.
Skill-building includes an introduction to; Natural Building, Recycled Art and Upcycling Creation, Alternative Technologies, Permaculture design, Personal and Social Sustainability skills.
Through team building, creating and collaboration, participants will build a greater connection to nature, community, and self.
Offered in seasonal sessions, spring term classes will be held primarily in an outdoor classroom.
Spring term begins May 4, 2017, and Ends on June 9th, 2017
10-13yr old Program is held on Thursdays from 11am-2pm
Cost is -$20.00 a Day, Spring program runs for 6 weeks

Partial scholarships are available
Students are expected to enroll for the full term
With a Whole school Party June 9, 2017
Find out more after sign up!
Summer Camp info Coming Soon!
Min. Enrollment for Program to Run ~ 3 Students
Max. 12 Students.

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PreK-12 Programming and Curriculum

Our developing PreK-12 programming engages children in an interdisciplinary, sustainability focused, vibrant, project based environment. Students will explore Natural building, Permaculture design, Appropriate technology, as well as sustainable home, garden and farming tactics.

Schedule a classroom visit or field trip to the campus!

We also offer demonstrations of sustainability skills at your event or site.

Please email for more details and links to information.