Youth Programming

EEE is changing locations!!

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Elemental Exploration Education (EEE) offers youth an opportunity to socialize, empower, and mobilize to create the change that they want to see in the world.The EEE classes help orient the participants in place and space, allowing for exploration, personal communication, collaboration and a deep recognition of connection; the elements necessary for sustainable growth and world health.

EEE offers age appropriate creative exploration of geography, science, art, music, sustainability, equality and community.  EEE programs give young people an opportunity to connect with nature and peers, all while exploring practical, transformational, positive social change.

20160705_114238-1About EEE’s Program Creator~Administrator and Lead Educator

“It brings me joy to actively inspire and create a more just and thriving future for the children, our planet and the global community” -Heather Greene

Heather Greene has been an educator and activist for more 30 years. The mother of 4 children, ranging in age from 8-28, she can relate to all ages of learners and explorers .  She has recently completed her graduate degree in Food Systems and Social Justice and is excited to share her love of nature, permaculture and world cultures, through her personally developed social- environmental programs.

Caterpillar Collective for 3-5yr olds

Field Mouse Academy for 6-9yr olds

Salamander School for 10-13yr olds

Barred Owl Institute for 13-18yr olds

 Classes are offered seasonally in 6 week sessions  and Summer camps


Caterpillar Collective answCATdeallows little ones ages 3 – 5yrs old to explore and create indoors and out. The caterpillars will spend most of their day in play focused on the outdoors, tales, music making, movement, and artistic creation.

Field Mouse Academy offers children ages 6-9yrs old an opportunity to socialize while FIELDMOUSENESTengaging in social- environmental learning.  Fall and Spring term will be held primarily in an outdoor classroom.  Each week we will visit a different location on the globe through story, science, music, art, craft and exploration

Salamander School is a sustainability skill-building and artful social-environmental la-sci-sn-salamander-fungus-trade-0150730awareness program.
Skill-building includes an introduction to; Natural Building, Recycled Art and Upcycling Creation, Alternative Technologies, Permaculture design, Personal and Social Sustainability skills.
Through team building, creating and collaboration, participants will build a greater connection to nature, community, and self.
Offered in seasonal sessions, fall and spring term classes will be held primarily in an outdoor classroom.




Students can explore the campus, visit the garden, harvest vegetables to eat, get muddy creating cob and so much more. Personalized expriences available.

 EEE field trip rates are as follows: 

MIN. 2hours – MAX 4hrs

<15 people ~ $30 an hour

>15 -30 people ~ $50 an hour

30-40 people ~ $60 an hourEE_PO_FT_2_17

$30 dollar Non-Refundable fee per trip                                                  

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