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BeyondCoverBeyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration

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By Tao Orion

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after years of living and working at Aprovecho, it’s that people are searching for and implementing ways of life that provide more meaning, connection, laughter, and integration with the world that sustains us. They come from all over the world to experience a slice of life that is different from the normal and expected narrative of modern industrial capitalist culture. Experiencing this yearning from the many wonderful people I’ve come to know over the years helped inspire me to write my book Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration. READ MORE HERE.

RiverRunsAgain_Cover_FINALA River Runs Again: India’s Natural World in Crisis, from the Barren Cliffs of Rajasthan to the Farmlands of Karnataka

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All my life I have traveled to India to visit my father’s family in Chennai, on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. On each trip to, I gathered impressions. There were the seeds of the mehindi plant whose leaves an aunt ground into a paste to decorate my hands for a cousin’s wedding when I was ten. There were ones that grew into the limes I plucked from an uncle’s front yard in Alwarpet to make fresh juice at his house when I was thirteen. And there were those from the neem tree whose upper branches my grandmother reached for from her balcony and used to craft me a toothbrush when I was nineteen. Maybe it was these seeds that planted in me a desire to leave the race of the upwardly mobile Northeast where I was raised and landed me at the end of a dirt road in Oregon by the time I was twenty-six. READ MORE HERE.


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“Though the problems of the world become increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” – Bill Mollison



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