Call For Proposals

Sustainability – what does it really mean? How do we know? Aprovecho is committed to understanding social and ecological systems – specifically resilient, diverse and equitable systems. Aprovecho invites research proposals pertaining to novel or traditional techniques, unique questions or lines of inquiry relevant to sustainability.

Request for Proposals:

Interested parties should submit a brief research proposal (1,000 words max) which outlines the following:

  • Problem Statement
  • Purpose of Study
  • Significance of Study
  • Relevant Literature Review
  • Research Question(s) or Hypothesis(es)
  • Methods

Proposals should be submitted to ​​ with Research Proposal in the Subject Line. In addition to the proposal, please include the following:

  • Estimated timeline for research/data collection
  • Estimated timeline until project completion (i.e. dissemination)
  • Indication of additional partners/collaborators

Areas of Research Interest:


  • Energy performance of natural fiber wall systems
  • Labor saving technologies for straw/clay wall systems
  • Standardization of site soil use in natural fiber wall systems
  • Production and performance of mycelial growing mediums as insulation
  • Below grade alternatives to rigid foam insulation


  • Home scale methane-production using anaerobic digestion
  • Simple machines supporting the production and preservation of food